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How nice is your mind? fee your self out with 22 teasers, with 15 components each one and a time limit-it's the first-ever fun-and-games strategy to cost your intelligence. a few samples you will not locate on any typical IQ attempt: 1.If a shameless grape is a BRAZEN RAISIN, what might you name a bit stone within the resistance movement?2.Three comparable phrases were written in a row, with the vowels got rid of. upload the vowels to accomplish the phrases: L P H N T R M D L L N T L P3.What universal English note includes the consecutive letter series XOP?Answers: 1. insurgent PEBBLE; 2. Elephant, Armadillo, Antelope; three. Saxophone. nonetheless extra goofiness: rather than the outdated scoring approach (150 = genius; 70 = dunce), you grade your self by means of a chart that rhymes.

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HNGBNZ DMKHNG NZLNKI ANSHMG HSHPNN UMYFLI FLYING ASZPIR 15. Fill in the blanks to form two different common words. ANSE 48 ANSE A n s uu e r s f o r T e s t 7 1. Y and S. There are two sequences interwoven. One is the initial letters of the days of the week: S M T W T F S. The other increases by four each times: E I M Q U Y. 2. 16. (Smokestack - left wheel) x right wheel = body The calculation i s ( 1 5 - 7 ) x 2 = 16. 3. DAUGHTER, NIECE, BROTHER 4 . 5:05 5. 46. These are the perfect squares 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81 written backward.

Demonstrator = show-er 15. TOUGH & S C U F F STEIN & WHINE PASTE & WAIST 36 Test 6 1. Every letter in this 5 x 5 word square has been replaced by the same number everywhere it appears. Can you reconstruct the square with the help of the definitions? The definitions are not in the order of the words in the grid. 1 2 3 4 5 2 6 7 8 4 8 9 4 9 8 4 10 7 4 2 5 2 5 5 12 Floats, as through the air Pert Greek letter Runs Hawaiian hello Skin blemishes Homeless dog Turning part Parties Warning 2. W h a t single letter can be inserted into each of these words to form three new words?

1. 7. The cards alternate hearts, spades, hearts, spades. The values follow the pattern +2, + 1 , +2, +1 ...

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