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Verbal exchange isn't really continually via sound or language. a lot could be stated with gestures and circulate of eyes. actually, in most cases, it's the physique language that 'says' greater than phrases. Now detect the entire finer issues and the nuances of physique language during this masterly paintings. How does a thumb gesture show dominance, superiority and aggression? How does dilation of eyes ship a romantic sign? What does a sideways look point out? Given those marvelous insights, the e-book can turn out to be of tremendous use for pros like advocates, medical professionals, policemen, judges, salesmen, politicians, judges, executives, bureaucrats and consumers and so forth - briefly, those people who are primarily in public dealing. yet then, it truly is for all, a real consultant for reading habit and attitudes.

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School-going and college-going students use it to get a lift. So, one should be cautious about different meanings of body gestures while travelling in different places. While interpreting the meaning of a particular gesture, it’s better if one analyses other gestures of the person, his facial expressions and the very context in which the gesture has been used, before jumping to conclusions. Power or Prestige Gestures Research has shown that a person’s status or prestige is directly related to the number of gestures he uses.

No person shall copy the name of the book, its title design, matter and illustrations in any form and in any language, totally or partially or in any distorted form. Anybody doing so shall face legal action and will be responsible for damages. Contents 1. Understanding Body Language 2. Gestures and Their Meanings 3. Palm Gestures—Signals for Understanding 4. Eye Signals 5. Smiling Gestures 6. Hand-and-Arm Gestures 7. Hand-to-Face Gestures 8. Pointers 9. Territorial Gestures 10. Territories and Zones 11.

One should never go for using double-handed handshake with strangers, otherwise the person you are meeting for the first time may feel unhappy and become suspicious of the initiator’s intentions (see Figs. 16, 17, 18,19). Figure 15—I need space Besides the above handshake styles, there are some other styles which we sometimes come across. One such gesture is where the initiator communicates a non-verbal sentence, "De Taali (Give a clap)" and almost strikes his palm downwards on the receiver’s palm moving upwards.

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