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By Aharon Oppenheimer

The Jews of historic Babylonia left their mark at the background at the Jewish humans greater than these of the other nation within the Diaspora. in the course of the Sassanian interval Babylonia steadily outmoded Eretz Israel because the major Jewish centre. The Babylonian Talmud proven the way of living not just of the Jews of Babylonia within the interval within which it was once produced; greater than the other paintings it formed the full Jewish humans, its considering, its lifestyle, its courting with the area round, its legislations and principles throughout the ages.A accomplished remedy offering "western" facts including that of talmudic literature, hoewever, has previously been unavailable. the combo can assist to advertise a greater knowing of the combined tradition involved. The learn supplies a handy complitaion of fabric that's commonly scattered.

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V. "XJ1X" and Tosefot, p. 1 3 of the entry. The Venice printing and Vatican 1 1 1 MS have 13WB. * Awana. is well known from Arabic literature, and Obermeyer (pp. 8 0 - 8 1 ) already identified it with a place of that name referred to in the Talmud. The poet Gahza al2 3 , — 43 — C. Awana History Awana is generally mentioned together with 'Ukbara and Busra. The three were in the same region on the main route northwards from Baghdad. During the Muslim period, they were all resorts for the inhabitants o f Baghdad.

E. Cary, LCL) 20. Cassius Dio LXVTLT 30,1 (xaS-d)v 8s TAURA 6 Tpatavo? ]<; ooSsv a^ov eTSsv 8 rt (XYJ vwfiara xal XlS-ou? xal spetTCta, xal 8ia T6V 'AXs^avSpov, & xal SVTJYIO-sv sv rco oiX7)(xari sv cT> srsreXeuTTjxsi) Trajan learned of this at Babylon (namely, of the revolt in A . D . : E. Cary, LCL) 21. Cassius Dio L X X V 9 , 3 " ray_sco<; TV)V rs EsXsuxstav xal rvjv Ba|3uXcova lxXet9&eto-a? ^Xa^s. xal fxera rouro xal rvjv K/nrjo-wpcovra IXcov exstv/jv rs itacrav Stap-mxcrai rot? crrpartcorat?

7 7 , where the source has bi-niqya). v. cit. g. " 1 u 1 p. The Vatican 1 3 3 MS has p p I S ]B; and see Epstein, Mevo'ot le-Sifrut ha-Amora'im, n. 3 8 . The source has '^ansa, the Vatican 133 MS has 342, 2 — 39 — Rabbi Mar ' U q b a baby died. 1 Arbela 2 ruled in Arbela, twenty-four months even though the B . Location East of the Tigris between the Greater Zab and the Lesser Zab (on B a b . Env. map). C. History Arbela was one o f the most important towns in Assyria. It is called Arba-ilu in Babylonian and Assyrian documents, and Arbira in Old Persian cuneiform.

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