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By Ishida Akira, James Davies

The authors lay down a couple of transparent rules, then battle through a wealth of examples and difficulties from specialist play, providing you with an intensive clutch of the way to settle on technique, the right way to execute dual-purpose assaults, tips on how to strength your opponent into submission or cooperation, how one can invade and decrease territorial frameworks, and while to struggle a ko.

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Black consolidated his position with 3 and 5 while White had to defend with 2, 4, and 6. Black 7 was a forcing move incidental to the flow of play, but Black 9 was another splitting attack. Of course Black's splitting strategy did not lead to the capture of either group - that would have been too much to expect - but by attacking in this way he was able to keep the initiative and eventually won. 42 Dia. 8. Black to play. This time the position is from an amateur game. What should Black's strategy be?

17. (next page) Instead of cutting, White should approach at 1 - the eye-stealing tesuji. If Black connects at 2 (his best reply) White can link under at 3. Dia. 18. Good! Although Black 1 cuts off only one stone, capturing it would be very big. White accordingly tries to save it with 2 through 6, but Black 7 threatens A and B. Dia. 19. Bad! White ignores Black 1 and invades the right side with 2. Adding to Black's problems in the corner is the fact that White A threatens B. Dia. 20. Far from cutting, Black should connect at 1 and sacrifice three stones to wall off the right side in sente.

21. Bad! Black 1 threatens A, so White has to answer at 2 and Black catches four stones with 3 to 7 for a grand total of about twelve points. In view of the balance of territory this is not nearly enough to win the game. White 8 begins to threaten the triangled group and wipes out the influence of the black wall in the lower left, and the main part of White's group is vastly strengthened. 51 Dia. 22. Black should attack White's group as a whole with 1. He may not be able to kill it, but he is building a wall that coordinates with his wall in the lower left and may lead to his getting a large territory in the center.

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