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Honeysuckle: Your psychic awareness will be increased by smelling this sweet flower. Hyacinth: This flower is used to eliminate nightmares and promote a restful sleep. Iris: The odor of this flower root or oil is associated with a strengthening of the connection between the conscious mind and the psychic centers facilitating spirit guide communication. Jasmine: You will have more psychic dreams and feel less nervous by using this oil. Lilac: Use of this scent will aid in the recall of past lives.

Another factor rests in your preparedness. Most people are unprepared to communicate with a spirit guide. In addition, these guides are not always available. Your attempts at communication with these energy beings will be successful only if you are properly prepared and if this attempt coincides with this guide’s availability. Oftentimes a spirit guide will communicate with us without our acknowledgement of this interaction. For example, a dream, symbol, or shadow seen in the corner of our eye or unusual insight that solves a problem may be easily overlooked by us in our hurried lives.

E The spirit flatters or patronizes you and appeals strongly to your emotions. e You become obsessed with material or personal gains. e A series of incidents of “bad luck” occurs in your life shortly following your communication with this spirit. e The spirit communication leaves you with uncomfortable feelings and results in stress. e You experience paralysis felt as a wave rising through your body with no known cause or past history of this symptom. e Observing a glittery red light in your eyes, or the eyes of someone close to you.

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