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By Janusz Arabski, Adam Wojtaszek

In contemporary years language studying has been more and more considered through a few SLA researchers as an basically social-psychological procedure within which the position of a much broader sociocultural context shouldn't be marginalized. This quantity bargains a precious contribution to this transforming into physique of study by way of delivering theoretical issues and empirical study information on topics comparable to the improvement of intercultural communicative competence, the position of English as a lingua franca in intercultural conversation, and where of cultural components in SLA theorizing, examine, second/foreign language educating and instructor education. the amount additionally comprises contributions which percentage the linguistic curiosity within the culture-related options and constructs resembling time, modesty, politeness, and admire, discussing the culture-dependent ameliorations in conceptualization and their mirrored image specifically language kinds and linguistic devices.

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25-45 Scarino A (2010) Assessing intercultural capability in learning languages: a renewed understanding of language, culture, learning, and the nature of assessment. Mod Lang J 94(2): 324–329 Sercu L (2005) Foreign language teachers and the implementation of intercultural education: a comparative investigation of the professional self-concepts and teaching practices of Belgian teachers of English, French and German. Eur J Teach Edu 28(1):87–105 Sercu L (2006) The foreign language and intercultural competence teacher: the acquisition of a new professional identity.

Their exploration will also be connected with how teachers and learners understand the teaching of culture and the development of intercultural competence. Thus, the aim of the present research was to compare Polish teachers’ and learners’ views on teaching culture, to examine Polish teenagers’ cultural identity, as well as their needs and motivation to learn English. Finally, it was to examine whether Polish teachers of English are aware of their learners’ needs and motivation to learn the language, and whether they are ready to work on developing the intercultural competence of their learners.

6 Conclusions The twenty first century—the age of globalization, the World Wide Web and the increased human mobility—has brought new challenges and demands to the foreign language teaching profession. First of all, a shift from teaching communicative competence to teaching interculturally has been observed. This ‘‘cultural turn’’ seems to be a natural consequence of the ‘‘global village’’ effect. Nowadays it is relatively easy to come into a personal contact with speakers of many languages from a variety of countries.

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