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By David Feldman

Ponder, in case you will ... Has somebody ever obvious a reside Cornish online game rooster? Why do quarterbacks say ''Hut''? Why do ''sea'' gulls congregate in parking plenty of buying facilities? What does the ''Q'' in Q-Tips stand for?

Pop tradition guru David Feldman demystifies those questions and masses extra in Are Lobsters Ambidextrous? a part of the Imponderables® series—the unchallenged resource of solutions to civilization's daily mysteries—and charmingly illustrated by means of Kassie Schwan, this publication will give you details that encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs simply wouldn't have. and give it some thought, the place else are you going to determine what occurs to the caffeine left over from making decaffeinated coffee?

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Again, many old people experience tremors in other muscle groups, as they age, as part of a decrease in nervous system control. Tremors in the laryngeal muscles produce the Katharine Hepburnish vocal quavers we associate with old age. Frequently, serious neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, are also responsible for severe tremors in the voice. Ramig told Imponderables that not every old person experiences these symptoms, so we asked her if there could be a psychological component to the stereotyped notion of the aged 24 voice.

Another reason why water towers may not freeze completely is that sometimes an insulating layer of ice forms within the tower. 39 The ice actually transfers heat slower than does the metal of the tower. Therefore, the ice barrier actually reduces the tendency for water towers to freeze. Submitted by an anonymous caller on the Mike Rosen Show, KOAAM, in Denver, Colorado. Why do quarterbacks call the snap with the exclamation “hut”? Put men in a uniform. Give them a helmet. And they all start speaking alike.

So when you enter the kitchen for your midnight snack, chances are the roach senses you not from sight, or by sound, but by feeling the air currents your movement has generated. At the very least, the roach knows something is moving around it; when you flip the light switch on, an automatic physiological response ensues. If it hasn’t already bidden a hasty retreat, it decides that the better part of valor is to sneak back into the crevice it came from. When you go back to bed, it knows those bread crumbs will be right where you left them before, and it can snack away later in peaceful darkness.

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