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By Daniel V. Schroeder

This article seems to be at thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. half I introduces suggestions of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics from a unified view. components II and III discover additional functions of classical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. all through, the emphasis is on real-world purposes.

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Work out the conversion factor between the SI and English units for R values. Convert your answers from part (a) to English units. (c) Prove that for a compound layer of two different materials sandwiched together (such as air and glass, or brick and wood), the effective total R value is the sum of the individual R values. 0­ mm layer of still air on each side. ) Using this effective R value, make a revised estimate of the heat loss through a I_m 2 single-pane window when the temperature in the room is 20°C higher than the outdoor temperature.

9. 5-inch thickness of still air, then discuss whether these two numbers are reasonable. 59. Make a rough estimate of the total rate of conductive heat loss through the windows, walls, floor, and roof of a typical house in a cold climate. Then estimate the cost of replacing this lost energy over the course of a month. If possible, compare your estimate to a real utility bill. 6 MJ. In the United States, natural gas is billed in therms, where 1 therm = 10 5 Btu. 60. A frying pan is quickly heated on the stovetop to 200°C.

My sign convention is consistently followed by chemists, and seems to be catching on among physicists. U, Q, and W to be infinitesimal. U, but I'll leave the symbols Q and W alone. Elsewhere you may see "dQ" and "dW" used to represent infinitesimal amounts of heat and work. Whatever you do, don't read these as the "changes" in Q and W -that would be meaningless. To caution you not to commit this crime, many authors put a little bar through the d, writing itQ and itW. " So I prefer to do away with the d entirely and just remember when Q and Ware infinitesimal and when they're not.

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