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There he was moulded into fitness for a great and perilous enterprise. There, like Moses and Elijah and John the Baptist, he was taught by God Himself. And one day the wilderness life came suddenly to an end. He received the call of Jehovah to special work. The glory and the burden of the prophet were laid upon him. How the wish of heaven was indicated we cannot tell; but there was not a doubt left on the mind of Amos that God had summoned him to unwonted scenes and hazardous duties. He had no choice in the matter, and he desired none.

But it was made especially prominent by Amos, and is the keynote of his prophecies. It is from this standpoint that his oracles are delivered. While to Hosea, Ephraim’s sin, whether in morals or worship, appeared as an outrage to the relationship of loyalty and love to the Divine Lord, it was regarded by Amos as a violation of a supreme rule and a supreme justice. (H. R. Reynolds, D. ) THE BOOK OF AMOS. ” I. THE MATERIAL. 1. His first address, chapters 1. 2. (1) Threats against Damascus (Amos 1 :3-5), Gaza (Amos 1 :6-8), Tyre (Amos 1 :9, 10).

1-6. Ver. 2. Vers. 7, 8. Vers. 10-17. Ver. 15. Vers. 1, 2. Vers. 4-10. Ver. 5. Ver. 9. Ver. 11. CHAPTER 9 Ver. 1. Vers. 2, 3. Vers. 5-7. Vers. 7-10. Ver. 9. Ver. 11. Ver. 13. Series Forward What if Charles Spurgeon helped you prepare next Sunday’s sermon? Or what if you could talk over your preaching with Joseph Parker, Richard Baxter, Henry Ward Beecher and H. P. Liddon. Do you think it would make a difference to get the input of some of the greatest preachers who ever lived? That’s precisely what Joseph Exell had in mind when he put together the massive series of volumes called The Biblical Illustrator.

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