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By Revilo P Oliver

Initially a conservative, Professor Revilo Oliver grew to become an highbrow chief of racialists with a trenchant pen and massive following. This selection of well known essays - basically from 1955-1966, whilst the postwar fight for America's soul was once at its optimum - exhibits that the conservative reason was once inherently not just a misplaced reason yet an unworthy one.

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The social efficacy of supernatural terrors is uncertain. Everyone knows that no religion, however ingenious and no matter how unanimously it was accepted without question by a given population, has ever prevented a fairly high incidence of crime, but one can always plausibly conjecture that without the fear of superhuman sanctions the incidence would have been much greater, and even so great that the state would explode in anarchy. Lord Devlin, in an address to the British Psycho-Analytical Society in 1965, after considering the statistical chances that the perpetrator of an ordinary crime would escape detection, decided that if half of a population were deterred from crime only by a calculation of the likelihood that violators of the laws would be arrested and punished, civilized society would become impossible.

The foregoing considerations led the great minds of our race, almost without exception, to regard religion as an indispensable instrument of government. Plato devoted himself to devising, most explicitly in his Nomoi, a political system that preserved the power of religion, which his uncle's candid anthropology had so deeply compromised. Aristotle thought gods requisite to induce in the majority an adherence to the standards of civilized life. Every deorum has seen how its author was torn reader of Cicero's De n ~ h m between the rationalism of the Academics and Stoicism, which preserved, at least partially, the divine sanctions that encouraged men to serve their society rather than themselves.

He is one of the comparatively few perfect models for brilliant and pragmatic young men today. Many of my conservative readers will find this fact disagreeable o r even depressing, but I trust they will not dream of resuscitating a n etiolated religion, and will not count too heavily on the spiritual effects of a possible restoration of racial self-respect and sanity. If the fact is unpleasant per se, it is also the basis for some cautious optimism, since it leaves open the possibility that movement on behalf of our race, if it ever seems likely to succeed, could quickly become an avalanche.

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