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Pragmatism, Feminism, and Democracy: Rethinking the Politics of American History

On the flip of the century, a battery of recent highbrow and cultural currents got here jointly to reorient society - Progressivism, Pragmatism, feminism, labour activism, and patron tradition. during this paintings, Livingston reads philosophers like John Dewey along activists like Jane Addams and reveals of their principles an identical and novel feel of the individual's position on the earth.

Political Obligation in its Historical Context: Essays in Political Theory

What kind of commitments do people have stable cause to recognize to each other and to the social devices (family, tribe, nation) to which they belong? Is the sovereign authority of the kingdom anyplace or all over a real ethical authority, or is it easily a coercive capability of various strength, reposing on quite a number successfully touted fake ideals?

International Relations Theory and the Consequences of Unipolarity

The tip of the chilly conflict and next dissolution of the Soviet Union ended in a brand new unipolar overseas procedure that offered clean demanding situations to diplomacy conception. because the Enlightenment, students have speculated that styles of cooperation and clash will be systematically on the topic of the style within which energy is sent between states.

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17). Note that the second term is dS nonnegative. 6)) so that for dF suf®ciently small " the ®rst term is negative. Indeed, by choosing " small enough, we can always make the ®rst (negative) term dominate the second (nonnegative) term. 13)) from father to son! Although consumption transfers 3 4 It may strike the reader as peculiar to differentiate with respect to F since F is a preference parameter. We interpret this procedure as follows. The father's altruism for the son may depend upon various external events.

These institutions are set up in part to create guilt for reneging on such agreements. '' Parents teach children the desired behavior by setting an example. The children must be close by, and examples might have to be visible, and repeated. Such acts might well be costly to parents, who must behave differently than they would if they were not shaping their children's preferences. On the other hand, demonstration can increase the likelihood that children will honor their commitment. How will the demonstration effect facilitate intergenerational exchanges?

But monetary mechanisms may not always work. Suppose a parent lends to his child, expecting repayment in old age. If anticipated future bequests motivate behavior only mildly, or not at all, the parent may have little economic leverage for enforcing an implicit long-term contractual arrangement. The bequest motive might be particu51 Altruism and beyond larly weak in nonwealthy families, and may not work at all when testamentary freedom is precluded by law. Another possible enforcement mechanism is recourse to the legal power of the courts and the state.

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