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Iqbal Riza, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General Secretariat Shamil Idriss, Acting Director Susan Douglass, Senior Research Officer, Education Leila Ezzarqui, Senior Research Officer, Migration Emmanuel Kattan, Communications Adviser Geneive Abdo, Liaison Carmel Kooros, Outreach Officer Josef Oberger, Junior Research Officer Franz Brugger, Consultant Sally Kennedy, Office Manager Amanda Langjahr, Programme Associate Appreciation goes to Documents Control, Copy Preparation and Proofreading Section, Publishing Section of DGACM and Graphic Design Unit of DPI for their support in the production of this report.

Sixty years after the 1948 United Nations resolutions that prepared the ground for and validated the creation of Israel, the community of nations wants a fair and durable solution, without any more delays. The reality of the National Palestinian Movement about which we now know that neither time, nor force nor money will ever defeat its determination to build a dignified State, respected and equipped with all the means of sovereignty.

Media professionals must use that power responsibly. In this regard, accurate reporting is of primary importance. But it is not enough. Journalists and producers must also be alert to the impact that editorial decisions and opinions implicitly conveyed in reporting can have on the public’s perception of an issue. Standards have been articulated by associations such as the International Federation of Journalists, but are not implemented and enforced by professional associations with the consistency and rigor with which, for example, the legal and medical professions apply their professional guidelines and codes of conduct.

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