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By Helen Kalkstein Fragiadakis

All transparent teaches scholars to acknowledge and convey the high-frequency idioms, words, and modern expressions wanted in a number conversational occasions. each one lesson focuses first and foremost on chunks of language within the kind of idioms and different expressions (collocations) after which presents many established and communicative actions for talking, listening, grammar, writing, pronunciation, and public talking perform.

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41. Using the past progressive. (Charts 2-8 and 2-9) This exercise requires a teacher to organize and conduct it. You need to get two students doing two things at the same time. One has to begin an activity and continue it as the other begins and ends an activity. When they both finish, other students describe these activities, using the simple past and the past progressive. EXPECTED RESPONSES: 1. While (A) was writing a note to ( . . ), (B) knocked on the door. 2. While (A) was walking around the room, (B) clapped her/his hands once.

ANSWERS: 2. Is it raining . . it isn’t . . don’t think 3. Do your friends write . . they do . . get 4. Are the students taking . . they aren’t . . are doing 5. Does the weather affect . . it does . . get 6. Is Jean studying . . she isn’t . . is . . is playing . . Does Jean play . . she doesn’t . . studies . . Is she . . she is . . plays . . Do you play . . I do . . am not 12 CHAPTER 1, Present Time 01_ph/prs_AZAR_39601 11/6/02 8:56 AM Page 13 □ EXERCISE 21, p. 21. Short answers to yes/no questions.

He doesn’t stay with her overnight. He usually stays for a few hours and then heads back to the city. He kisses his aunt good-bye and gives her a hug before he leaves. Omar is a very good nephew. Notes and Answers 13 02_ph/prs_AZAR_39601 11/6/02 8:59 AM Page 14 Chapter 2: PAST TIME ORDER OF CHAPTER CHARTS Review and preview EXERCISES WORKBOOK Ex. 1 Simple past 2-1 → 2-3 Ex. 2 → 4 Pr. 1 → 6 Pronunciation of -ed 2-4 Ex. 5 → 6 Pr. 8 → 9, 11 Spelling: -ing and -ed forms 2-5 Ex. 7 → 9 Pr. 10, 12 → 15 Principal parts of verbs 2-6 Irregular verbs 2-7 Ex.

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