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Religions in Antiquity: Essays in Memory of Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough (Studies in the History of Religions)

Those essays have been initially meant for presentation to Professor Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough at the social gathering of his seventy-fifth birthday. earlier than his loss of life, in March, 1965, he knew of our plans for this quantity and used to be gladdened by way of them . . . The editor hopes that those papers, a lot of which fruitfully make the most of Goodenough's scholarship, may well give a contribution to the severe dialogue of a few difficulties of outrage to him in the course of his lifetime.

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Evidences and commonalities explored from historical guy world wide! - Why buildings echoing the Tower of Babel were recreated on virtually each continent and significant tradition - What artifacts and archaeology, know-how and innovation, fairly show concerning the starting place of mankind - Why many biblical symbols (rainbows, human sacrifice, mountains, the Son/ sunlight worship) have been, and stay, distorted in pagan spiritual practices - What the historic checklist finds approximately Satan’s “counterfeit” of God’s plan for humanity around the globe there are comparable findings of historic religions, towns and towers, international trip, complicated astronomy, and civilized govt.

The Shape of the Great Pyramid

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Who has no longer obvious an image of the nice Pyramid of Egypt, sizeable in measurement yet deceptively uncomplicated suit, and never puzzled how that form was firm? beginning within the overdue eighteenth century, 11 major theories have been proposed to provide an explanation for the form of the nice Pyramid. even if a few of these theories are popular, there hasn't ever been a close exam in their origins and dissemination. 20 years of study utilizing unique and difficult-to-obtain resource fabric has allowed Roger Herz-Fischler to piece jointly the interesting tale of those theories. Archaeological facts and historical Egyptian mathematical texts are mentioned with a purpose to position the theories of their right historic context. The theories themselves are tested, no longer as summary mathematical discourses, yet as writings via person authors, either renowned and imprecise, who have been stimulated via the highbrow and social weather in their time. between effects mentioned are the shut hyperlinks of a few of the pyramid theories with different theories, akin to the idea of evolution, in addition to the connection among the pyramid theories and the fight opposed to the advent of the metric procedure. Of detailed observe is the bankruptcy studying how a few theories unfold while others have been rejected. This ebook has been written to be obtainable to a large viewers, but 4 appendixes, unique endnotes and an exhaustive bibliography supply experts with the references anticipated in a scholarly paintings.

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From Byblus and Sidon, Alexander took ships that were the beginnings of his own fleet. Then he went a little further south and stopped at Tyre. Alexander wanted to sacrifice to a god whom the Tyrians worshipped. This god resembled the Greek god Heracles (or Hercules). S 48 EGYPT’S NEW GOD The city of Tyre was legendary for being able to resist sieges throughout the ages. However, Alexander wanted it for strategic purposes and subjected it to a nine-month siege. After finally conquering Tyre, Alexander ended up crucifying the dead and selling the rest of the people into slavery.

Athens and Thebes held major victory celebrations. The Spartan warriors, who arrived late, had to go home without having won any laurels. C. The throne went to his son Xerxes, who planned a major invasion of Greece to avenge the defeat at Marathon. Xerxes sent couriers and messages to all parts of the vast Persian Empire. , Xerxes led approximately 300,000 men, drawn from as far away as Bactria and Gedrosia. The Persians crossed the Hellespont, the body of water between Asia Minor and Europe, by building a bridge of boats.

There was no more resistance, and the way to the Persian heartland lay open. 59 60 ALEXANDER THE GREAT Alexander moved slowly toward Babylon. This was a fabled city, first the capital of the Babylonian empire, and then one of the sub-capitals of Persia. The Babylonians opened their gates to Alexander as word of the Battle of Gaugamela had spread fast. Alexander had achieved more than any Macedonian or Greek leader to this point. But he wanted more; he wanted to enter the great Persian capitals of Susa and Persepolis.

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