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By Douglas Niles

This module is designed for 4-7 characters of first via 3rd degrees. It contains a map of the village and an outline of its structures and occupants, an overland trip to a hard underground experience for particularly courageous (or foolhardy...) characters, and a listing of pre-rolled first point characters.

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The little snakes are easy to kill, but every bit as venomous as their grown relatives. Careless characters may undergo normal mudviper attacks (poison only) at the DM's discretion. Note that both troglodyte and mudviper eggs and hatchlings will die if the dungeon is flooded. 36. BONESNAPPER'S LAIR: This small chamber holds a savage-looking reptile that strongly resembles a miniature tyrannosaurus rex. It is chained to the north wall of the cave and looks as if it can not come closer than 5' to the south wall.

This includes all humans and humanoids, no matter where they are. It should be noted that the troglodytes were not charmed to begin with, and will still consider humans as mortal enemies. The rest of the Dim Forest is still mysterious and unexplored, so a creative DM may want to use this as an arena for future expeditions. The additional scenarios included here could serve as an introduction to the network of goblin tribes that lurk here. A DM should feel free to add a map or some other clue to these settings that can be used as a key for further adventures.

Each tube contains a scroll. The first, for magic-users, has three spells written on it (slow, stinking cloud, detect magic at L7 caster ability). The other holds three clerical spells (heal, cure disease, and dispel magic at L 11 caster ability). Ramne will take the ring of free action and a potion as his share of magic—he is not interested in wealth. The DM may have Ramne take more if more is available per share, or the DM wishes to further limit the magic that the player characters receive. Remember that characters must often sell magic to pay for training—first level characters who survive all the adventures in this module will probably become second level.

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