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By S. H. Wright (auth.)

Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology presents accomplished, built-in studies giving sound, severe, and provocative summaries of our current wisdom in environmental and comparative body structure, from the molecular to the organismic point. the sector has now received the overseas prestige it merits and the association of a sequence dedicated to it's very well timed in view of its genuine fast improvement. Biologists, physiologists, and biochemists, independently in their simple clinical orientation, will locate this new sequence of significant interest.

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Consequently, only a lyophilized preparation of serum albumin which supposedly contains the bioactive substance is available for the bioassay of induction of summer hibernation. Intravenous injection of this lyophilized albumin fraction to the 13-lined ground squirrel induces summer hibernation in 2 days to 5 weeks thereafter (Oeltgen and Spurrier 1981). Recently, this lyophilized fraction also causes bradycardia, hypothermia, behavioral depression, and aphagia in the macaque monkeys when given into the cerebral ventricle (Oeltgen et al.

Comparing the results consequent to treatment of the "lyophilized serum albumin" and those from the original studies of Dawe and colleagues using hibernating serum, plasma, or their dialysates, certain questions may be raised as to whether both series of studies are dealing with the same type of molecules. Certain discrepancies appear to exist in selecting the starting materials for the biochemical isolation and purification of HIT. In the original publications as summarized by Dawe (1978), the HIT is deemed to be a small, thermally labile molecule less than 5000 daltons in molecular weight.

The Arrhenius plots of (Na + + K +)-ATPase from kidney, brain, and heart membranes are nonlinear in both hibernators and nonhibernators and in hibernators between the hibernating and nonhibernating phase (Charnock 1978). The SR Ca2 +-ATPase from the leg muscles of the 13-lined ground squirrel (Becker and Willis 1972) and that from the heart of the Richardson's ground squirrel (Belke et al. 1987) both show qualitatively similar, nonlinear Arrhenius plots regardless of the hibernating status. These observations suggest no specific changes in thermotropic behavior in these enzymes of their lipid environments in conjunction with hibernation.

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