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It is a typical trust that during France the examine of medieval literature as literature basically started to achieve attractiveness as a legitimate career for the coed in the course of the 19th century. it's popular that historians of the 16th, 17th and eighteenth centuries regarded to the literary productions of the center a long time for fabrics helpful to their researches, however it is barely lately that the amazing frequency of this reference has been favored and that students became conscious of an unbroken culture of what could top be defined as traditionally ori ented medievalism stretching from the 16th century to our personal. The eighteenth century has drawn the best variety of curious to this box, for it really is obvious that the unusually broad researches undertaken then do a lot to provide an explanation for the development made a century later through the main celebrated new release of medievalistst. Very slowly we're coming to work out the price of the contribution made by means of little identified schol­ ars like l. a. Curne de Sainte-Palaye, Etienne Barbazan and the Comte de Caylus.

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And yet, when compared with the Fabliaux ou Contes, this second literary venture can be regarded only as a limited success. It may have been as a result of the plan or the material used or even the manner in which these were approached, but in a Vol. I, Avis de l'editeur, p. i. Idem, p. v. 125 Cf. for example vol. I, preface, p. " 126 Histoire de la Vie Privle des Franfais, Avertissement, p. vi. 123 124 28 THE LIFE AND WORK OF LE GRAND D'AUSSY project which appeared to have immense possibilities, possibilities worth fighting for, Le Grand found frustration and disappointment.

III, p. 150. First edition, p. 512. In the second edition the itinerary occupies pp. 353-432 ofthe third volume. 163 184 38 THE LIFE AND WORK OF LE GRAND D'AUSSY position to undertake the work. 16S Certainly this would have been an improvement, but as it stood the Vrryage d' Auvergne seems to have drawn considerable praise from contemporary French critics and to have been deemed worthy of translation into at least one foreign tongue. 166 Although an opinion which Le Grand in his modesty will dispute, several periodicals apparently considered the work a worthy example for others to follow,167 a view shared by the Censeur Royal: Cet Ouvrage m'a paru fait pour servir de modele, & tel qu'il seroit a desirer que l'on en publiftt sur chacune des Provinces de France.

11 nous manque, a nous, la culture; et a eux, l'ornement. Pour l'avantage des uns et des autres, 157 158 159 160 161 162 Idem, p. 30 5. Mont-Dore. Second edition, vol. II, p. 65. First edition, p. 167. " cr. second edition, vol. II, pp. 85--86. cr. first edition, p. 116. THE LIFE AND WORK OF LE GRAND D'AUSSY 37 il faudrait un temple commun, dans lequel ils sacrifieraient aux graces, et nous aux sciences. 163 But the reader is never aware of any such imbalance and in reality Le Grand had just as little experience as a writer of descriptive prose, for which he had earlier lacked both opportunity and inspiration, as he had as a student of natural history.

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