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By Sid Sackson

"A real milestone." — Martin Gardner, clinical American. an expert on online game heritage selects 38 of his all-time favourite amusements, together with 22 of his personal extraordinary creations. Solitaire, process, and occasion video games will be performed via teenagers or adults with such universal goods as playing cards, checkerboards, cube, pencils, and paper. 152 illustrations.

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They had just about given up on finding a way to do this when one of them saw two children on the river in a small rowboat. The boat was large e n o u g h to hold the two children or one archer, but was too small to hold two archers, or even one child and one archer. How did the archers get across the river? Answer on page 69. HOW CAN EVERYONE CROSS THE RIVER? A half-elf, an elf, a human, and a dwarf have to cross a river from the town of Ak to the town of Tok. They have a boat that will hold any two of the four, but no more.

Hint on page 59. Answer on pages 86-87. HEEDING T H E HORSES Distal had sufficient hay and corn to feed his six horses for only 30 more days of the harsh winter, not enough for the remaining 75 days before spring arrived. On the seventh day, before feeding time, Distal sold four of his horses. Will he be able to feed his remaining two horses for the rest of the winter? Answer on pages 81-82. 49 THE ISLAND OF ODDS On the island of Odds, off the coast of Pymm, one-third of the native people always lie, one-third always tell the truth, and one-third are "normals" (people who sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie).

Jason drew out a black stone. Gopar asked Jason to draw out another stone, and, once again, Jason drew out a black stone. "There must have been more black than white stones in the jar," said Jason. " Gopar told Jason that he had put "ten, give or take two or three" stones into the jar. Jason was then able to determine how many stones of each color had been in the container in the beginning. Can you do the same? Hint on page 59. Answer on pages 67-68. 53 HINTS A Dragon Story: Set up six equations with six unknowns: moth-, er dragon's head, body, tail; younger dragon's head, body, tail, i Five of the unknowns can be expressed in terms of the sixth.

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