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N t ha n Shakespeue. (4) A lake is usuall y less rough than a sea (5) After that heavy rain the grASS is less brown th an it was a week ago. (6) Joan ~ms less afraid of wasp" than of spiders. ie>lt; ellil; beauti ful; sty, uueJ; jelle,,; conjlanl; plla5a"l; afflJid ; wi cked ; f ood. jth an ad jective in t he correct degree: (1) )IaT)' is 5 ft . : J oan IS ~ ft . 8 in. Which is t he _ 0 1 the twO? {l} John is eighteen yeus old , Arth ur is nmeteen and J ames IS twenty -one- Joh n is the and James is t he _ .

_ I like h im. (sn'u DI ~ssibilitjts ) (6) With r~ular practice he beca me at E nglish. (7) H ow is the in\'a:id t cxlay ? He is much t he same, - - and ,~ . - -. (8) You have to get up earl y t omorrow, $0 )'OU go to bed now. (9) The noise of the aircraft became - - until it d ied away completely, (10) If you ca n come for four -lessons a week instead of t wo, - - - - _ (11) (up) Keep a stiff _ lip in adversity. (18) (in) The only real h a ppin eu com es from peace. \ '1 Couect the following sentences: (I) The cheetah runs faster than all animals.

Rtal). g. prelly - pnt/ier - prettiest; simple - simpler - si mpks; narrow - nerrotrer - norrow(sl : or th at have t he stress on the last syllable, eg. poiite - politer - politest. (el W ith certain frequentl y-used disyllabic adjectives that have their stress on t he first syllable: quiel - quieter - quicust: pItasa'lt -puaso'JUr - pltasontest; handsome - htJ ndsomerha ndsomest ; commo n - COMmon,r - t ammOllfst; nonow narrower - na rrowest . Method (2) is used: (a) With mos t disyllabic adjec tives wit h the accent on t he first syllabl e.

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