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This crucial center English textbook, now in its 3rd version, introduces scholars to the wide variety of literature written in England among 1150 and 1400.

New, completely revised variation of this crucial center English textbook.
Introduces the language of the time, giving assistance on pronunciation, spelling, grammar, metre, vocabulary and local dialects.
Now comprises extracts from ‘Pearl’ and Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’.
Bibliographic references were up-to-date throughout.
Each textual content is followed by means of distinct notes.

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Plural gen. 29 no ending: god (137) -ne: nenne (28), stærcne (59), bradne (115) -es -en: agelen (11) -ere: ludere (30), hæh3ere (126) -(e)re: alre (33), wihtere (125) In The Owl and the Nightingale (text 2), adjectives add -e for all cases in the definite declension, and all in the indefinite declension except the nominative singular of all genders and the accusative singular masculine and neuter. So when qualifying a noun that is subject the adjective has no ending, as the three here: Kat plait was stif and starc and strong (l.

In later texts the genitive adds -s when it stands alone: for hores is Ke hevenryche, ‘for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’, 8/28. The forms of the feminine and plural pronouns as they appear in the Gawain manuscript are set out for comparison with those of The Owl and the Nightingale above: fem. sing. nom. ho or scho acc. & dat. hir or her gen. 6 The Definite Article The definite article ‘the’ had in Old English no fewer than ten different forms depending on gender, case and number, but these distinctions could not survive the decay of the system of noun inflexions, with the result that there remained only the indeclinable form Ke (or in some dialects te following -d/-t, as in and te, at te).

THEM: ‘h-’ type, all forms. g. g. hem, ham) respectively. The lighter dots mark the locality of the texts used as evidence by the Atlas. The heavy dots indicate the frequency of the forms in question in those texts where they occur: thus, the largest black dot indicates that the forms are either unrivalled or dominant there. 5. the Church, theological treatises, and the like. Many native poets, too, wrote their verses in Latin. French and English were both in more general use. Norman French had been the first, maternal language of the Norman conquerors.

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