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By Lin Lougheed

This version has been revised to check the structure of the newest TOEIC and comprises fifty vocabulary-building classes that target American English because it is used in the context of recent company, undefined, communications, and cultural actions. Examples of sensible English utilization contact on such matters as contracts, advertising, banking, and body of workers, between many others. extra classes be aware of aiding TOEIC attempt takers extend their English vocabulary in parts concerning cultural actions, similar to videos, museums, track, and paintings. every one lesson offers 12 goal phrases with definitions, utilized in a number of assorted contexts. routines stick with each lesson, and a quiz follows each 5 classes to check students’ newly got ability in realizing and utilizing their new phrases. The enclosed audio CD offers crucial assist in pronunciation and listening comprehension, utilizing some of the accents proven at the new TOEIC.

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U] a feeling of great surprise: We watched in/with amazement. a·maz·ing /@'meIzIÎ/ adj. making someone feel very surprised, often because something is very good or very unexpected: an amazing coincidence | It’s amazing how many things have gone wrong. —amazingly adv. THESAURUS surprising, astonishing, astounding, staggering, stunning ➔ SURPRISING am·bas·sa·dor /æm'bæs@dø, @m-/ n. [C] an important official who represents his/her country in another country: the Mexican ambassador to Canada [ORIGIN: 1300—1400 French ambassadeur, from Latin ambactus “vassal”] —ambassadorial /æm"bæs@'dOri@l/ adj.

A·gon·iz·ing /'æg@"naIzIÎ/ adj. extremely painful or difficult: an agonizing decision —agonizingly adv. ag·o·ny /'æg@ni/ n. (plural agonies) [C,U] very severe pain or suffering: The poor guy was in agony. a·grar·i·an /@'grEri@n/ adj. relating to farming or A agree A 22 farmers: The country has a mainly agrarian French, Latin agricultura, from ager “field” + economy. [ORIGIN: 1600—1700 Latin agrarius, cultura “use of land for crops”] —agricultural /"ægrI'költS@r@l/ adj. from ager “field”] a·gree /@'gri/ v.

Alz·heim·er’s n. [C,U] a·mass /@'mæs/ v. [T] to gather together or collect money or information in large amounts: He had amassed a fortune. am·a·teur1 /'æm@tSø/ adj. [only before noun] doing something for enjoyment, but not for money: an amateur musician [ORIGIN: 1700—1800 French, Latin amator “lover,” from amare “to love”] amateur2 n. [C] 1 someone who does something because s/he enjoys it, but not for money ANT professional 2 someone who does not have experience or skill in a particular activity: There’s nothing worse than watching a blurred video, shot by an amateur.

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